Monday, 17 June 2013

Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?: Responsible for unintended results?

Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?

In consenting to sex, neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent, just as in consenting to any activity, one does not consent to yield to all the accidental outcomes that might flow from that activity.

Policies that punish men for accidental pregnancies also punish those children who must manage a lifelong relationship with an absent but legal father. 

These “fathers” are not “dead-beat dads” failing to live up to responsibilities they once took on — they are men who never voluntarily took on the responsibilities of fatherhood with respect to a particular child.

Written by: Laurie Shrage is a professor of philosophy and women’s and gender studies at Florida International University.(New York Times June 12, 2013)

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