Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Do I Have the Right to Be Alive?

Do I Have the Right to Be? - NYTimes.com:

Anyone who reflects on the unjust death of others will be surprised at how much his or her own right to be is put in question, to the point where his or her place on this earth can appear as a usurpation.

Emmanuel Levinas discerning question: “What is most natural becomes the
most problematic. Do I have the right to be? Is being in the world not
taking the place of someone?”

I think we fail to appreciate how radically contingent our lives really are.

The mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz coined the phrase
“Butterfly Effect” to refer in chaos theory to the manner in which small
occurrences (like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings) can have enormous
consequences that appear to be random (like the weather).

A random decision in time and space effected one's existence (non-existence). It also sets up a sequence of events in which an entirely different set of people end

up being born.

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